Health risks
remain often undiscovered in the usually hectic everyday life, which is shaped by the professional and personal challenges of our achievement-oriented society. Cardiovascular problems and cancer still belong to the most frequent causes of death. By timely preventive medical examinations, a high percentage of these deaths can be averted.
Go to a preventive examination in time.

– Dr. med. Manfred Strässle

Appointment for preventive examination Basic check & Extended check-up

Holistic check-up

Each examination starts with an in-depth, uninterrupted conversation, in which we discuss your health condition, your patient history (anamnesis) and possible risks in your family in detail. Also your professional, social and psychological situation plays an important role during the holistic assessment of your state of health.

Two days for your health

Whichever examinations you are taking: All colleagues are leading specialists in their field. Since all examinations take place in our house, we gain time for you. One of our complete check-ups does not take any longer than one or two days.

Individual prevention program

As soon as the test results (usually on one of the following days) are available, I will have a detailed final discussion with you if you wish. In this, we discuss your individual prevention program and answer all of your questions.


In-depth explanation and recommendation regarding your individual risk profile and recommended early detection screenings.
Duration: 60 minutes
Basic check

Includes a detailed debate concerning to your and also your family's medical history
Physical whole body status
ECG (electrocardiogram)
Lung-function test
Blood flow measurement of leg arteries and venous flow back (thrombose-risk)
Ultrasound of thyroid
Ultrasound of carotid arteries (stroke prophylaxis)
Ultrasound of upper abdominal organs (liver, gallbladder, kidnies, spleen and aorta)
Extended laboratory parameters
Suggestion (depending on age) for continued examination ( for example colon cancer prevention (coloscopy), MRT, CT etc.
A full lenght and understandible personal medical report
Duration: approx. 2 hours
Extended check-up

All services of the Basic check PLUS:

Brain check and additional neurological examinations
Cardiologic examinations
Orthopedic examinations
Radiological examinations
Laboratory tests
Gastroenterological examinations
Dermatological examinations
Further information on our complete check-up program

The extended check-up: Comprehensive diagnosis & prevention

Our prevention program is as effective as it is reliable: Within one to two days, we can obtain a complete, meaningful picture of your state of health. It starts with an in-depth conversation on your life-style and your health history. Then we examine you with the most modern imaging procedures such as CT and MRI, PET, X-rays and ultrasound. Gastro- and colonoscopies, lung function tests, blood vessel diagnostics and laboratory analyses complement the picture.

Owing to the knowledge thus gathered, we can prepare an individual prevention program for you - and thereby lower your risk for a stroke, heart attack or a cancer lastingly and reliably.

All stations of the extended check-up

Additional examinations:

  • Brain check for the early detection of dementia
  • Measurement of nerve & muscle activity
Internal medicine
  • Lung function test
  • Ultrasound of thyroid gland, carotid arteries and abdomen
  • All orthopedic examinations
  • Analysis of movement & gait
  • 4D-Measurements
  • Echocardiography
  • Stress echo
  • Exercise ECG
  • Long-term blood pressure measurement
  • Long-term ECG
  • Gastro- and colonoscopy for early cancer detection
  • Heliobacter examination
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Skin cancer screening
  • Allergology examinations
  • MR entire body examination
  • MR head
  • MR abdomen
  • MR muscular & skeletal system
  • MR pelvis-leg-vessels
  • CT calcification measurement
  • CT of the lung
Laboratory tests
  • with specific prevention parameters
  • Hormone status

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